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Singapore Food Masters 2022 has come to a thrilling conclusion with the announcement of the top three favourite food heroes from the North-South, Circle, North-East, and East-West zones. Stay tuned to SGFM 2023!



GO Noodle House

Chewy handmade noodles, crunchy anchovies, “lava” century eggs and fresh herbs mingle in a bowl.


The Neighbourwok

Fried Hokkien prawn mee that impresses with its smokiness, rich prawn stock and generous ingredients.


Fook Kin

The succulent roast meats are remastered with the finest cuts and perfect lean-to-fat ratio.


Little Lazy Lizard

Australian beef cheek is braised in English Stout for four hours to create the delish Black Cab dish.


Ju Bao Xuan Mala Hotpot

Savour delicious Mala Hotpot and Szechuan creations whipped up by their masterful China chef.


EagleWings Loft

The Lobster Aglio Olio is elevated with lobster chunks, diced seared scallops and prawns.


Lang Nuong Viet Nam

Enjoy three exquisite regional cuisines of Vietnam at Singapore’s first Vietnamese charcoal BBQ and Hotpot Restaurant.


Lazy Lizard The Promenade

The thick cut pork chop is crisp, tender and flavourful from the inside out.


First Street Teochew Fish Soup

Founded in 1988, enjoy authentic Teochew-style fish soup with fresh pomfret, batang and more.


Seng Kee Black Chicken Herbal Soup

The signature kidney mee sua is meticulously prepared with pork bones and 10 different herbs.


Ah Ma Chi Mian

The traditional-style dry mee sua dish stands out for its ingredients and pork liver soup.


Ah Ping Teochew Braised Duck Kway Chap

Ah Ping’s hot-selling kway chap features perfectly cooked, complemented with delicious add-ons.

Here Are What The Judges Has To Say

  • I picked these winners as they represented the best combination of creativity and familiarity yet having excellent taste. Singapore's food scene needs continued innovation to encourage new setups and retain our quality of food culture.
  • These winners provide an unique dining experience with great service which I will come back to makan again!
  • With Singapore being a multicultural society, the local food scene holds a very special meaning for the local Singaporeans and also for expats to better understand the culture of this small island we call home. From zichar stalls, to a local kway chap eatery, these are what make Singapore unique and we must continue to preserve this.
  • Great food quality and friendly service are always the key to customers’ hearts. Higher customer satisfaction leads to greater customer retention, and a stronger brand reputation. They did well as an overall package based on my previous visits. Customers now not only look for food and service but the overall dining experience including the ambience of the restaurant/cafe. They appreciate a good meal for every taste and money spent on it.

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